Loosed Woman

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Introduction and Background  

  The title comes from the passage in the Gospel according to Luke, when Messiah spoke “woman thou art loosed” to one who had been under a horrible spirit for 18 years.   Hebrew letters have numeric value and the numeric value of the spelling of life in Hebrew [chai], is 18.  Eighteen year increments have been quite significant in my life.  When I began to follow Messiah, I realized the mathematics, but had not correlated this particular Scripture to that fact.  The first 18 years, of course is childhood, in which I was not terribly successful, and under a horrible weight of religious dogma and spiritual confusion.  The next 18 years, I spent as a "loose woman" trying to find love, yet still hoping to find spiritual truth, which amounted to another 18 years of dismal failure.  I knew all along, the Bible held the answers to everything in life, but I struggled to discover the truth amidst the trappings of tradition.  I was drowning in a deluge of condemnation and despair, until at 36, I received the truth and the truth set me free.   

by the Barefoot Princess