Loosed Woman

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This blog is certainly out of my proverbial "comfort zone."  I love talking about YHWH and Y'hshuwah.  I enjoy sharing the ideas and antics of homesteading, and I delight in helping others discover natural remedies and modalities for health, but; sharing my inmost struggles is just not something I've done, as a rule . . . and when I have, I've regretted it.  Stoicism was required in my childhood, and one of my survival tools in my young adult years.  There was an old anti-perspirant advertisement with the tagline:  "never let 'em see ya sweat."  That became my unspoken mantra . . . Sometime very early in my youth, I must have subconsciously realized the best way to never have to worry about being seen sweating, was to never get "worked up" outwardly!  Forgiveness and freedom in Messiah now afford me, a freedom and openness, I didn't have before.  I'm still somewhat reserved, but for a much different reason, now. 

 I simply don't have much experience in openly addressing some topics in my life, and I want to make sure my words offer comfort and insight.  I am a journalist, I report rather than disclose.  Even when writing books, I tended to do it from an observant journalistic perspective, or somewhat personal yet distant style, until now.  The ministry to which YHWH has called me isn't about me, but I have to be honest about the dregs of me, to display the awesomeness of what our Creator has done in my life.  I'll be sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly.  The good, of course is G-d.  The bad is behind me, and the ugly brokenness is being transformed into a beautiful mosaic, by the indwelling of the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit.)

Most of us have been through things and done things that simply cannot be changed, but by the blood of Messiah and the indwelling of The Great Spirit of the Living G-d of Israel, we can be changed! 

Blog entries will be posted as I am led, and although they will not necessarily be in chronological order, I will include a general time reference.  The last twenty years of my life, the ones following Messiah have not been all glamor and great, but I can honestly make the following statement, unequivocally.  

                                              My worst days now, are better than my best days were, before I came to YHWH.  

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